Daily Diary, 17 June, 2020

Another interesting and very hot day here at the monastery. There were a number of visitors who called to enquire concerning the possibility of visiting in order to pray and light candles. One Rusisan lady came and brought a bag of treats which consisted of a jar of French jam and another of tuna spread, a bit like goose liver. There were also two home made loaves of bread, both made with just a touch of sugar and they look good; unfortunately I still am unable to eat bread and so on so had to pass the bread on to Archbishop Lazar.

In the evening, another visitor or pilgrim (don’t know which is the appropriate word to use for them) came, also to light candles and say some prayers. This woman was elegantly dressed and had a beautiful platok with long fringes of various colours. The platok was embroidered with many geometric designs and would have made a beautiful tapestry for hanging on any wall.

With the evening settling in, it seemed like a good time to work on sewing or at least looking at the instruction manual once again. My sewing has come to a bit of a stand still until I find the solution to my sewing problem, but I am a fairly patient person.

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