Daily Diary, 16 June, 2020

The second day of the fast and now that I’ve gotten used to the idea, food is not such an issue. Rather, today I am concentrating, once again, on searching for more picture frames and also on going through my list of names for Moleben services. Some of these had requested only 40 days while others wanted to be listed permanently. This means going through the stack, which is quite thick, and removing those which are dated.

While going through some boxes, in search of frames, I came across my “Roget’s Thesaurus” which is so useful. Even though I have a large English language vocabulary, there are times when the use of a synonym or an antonym would be most useful. My battered copy of the thesaurus has enabled a more accurate use of language in written communications of various sorts. As well, in the same box was a battered Oxford Dictionary, another tool that comes in handy when seeking a more perfect written communication.

With all of this having come to pass, it was possible to complete the entry for this day in the diary and to look forward to tomorrow.

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