Daily Diary, 15 June, 2020

This is the first day of the Apostle Fast and it is off to a good start. Since food is part of the picture, I returned to the kitchen for more culinary exploits. This time, I was concentrating on the creation of a nice lenten sandwich to go with a large glass of lenten Inka. Someone had brought some beautiful and fully ripe tomatoes and there is a large box of onions, so this led to the natural choice of a tomato sandwich, with onions, avocado margarine, Nayonnaise (which is a kind of spread made with tofu), and vegetarian loaf. As often happens, this was ended with a large and juice orange and a tall glass of water.

There was a call from a Russian man asking if the monastery was open for visitors. I did explain to him that the church was now being kept locked, due to vandalism in the past but that I would unlock the door for him so that he could say his prayers. He came for a short time and then left after taking a stroll on the monastery grounds, pausing to pray before the large wooden cross as well as in the gatehouse.

Following the visit with him, I returned to continue doing research on the sewing machine and also searching for more frames in which to place more icon prints.

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