Daily Diary, 10 May, 2020

Today was a full and productive day. It began with the serving of the Obednitsa in the big church of the monastery. Since we now have the Pentecostarion in English, as well as the Complete Menaion series, also in English, it was possible to read the appropriate changeable parts of the service, which today was dedicated to the paralytic. Although Vladika Lazar did not give a sermon during the service, I believe he posted last year’s sermon.

Following the service, our friend, Kirill, met me in the kitchen for lunch. I didn’t cook anything since there was some excellent food to choose from, food that had been prepared and brought to the monastery. The result was that I had a large bowl of borsch and so did Kirill. Since we also now have a large loaf of rye bread, it was possible to make a delicious sandwich to go with the soup and a large glass of Inka and a bit of fresh fruit.

After a bit of conversation, and tea, Kirill went to Archbishop Lazar’s office to help him set up for a Meleti which was to be shared by way of Zoom. While Kirill was with Archbishop Lazar, I was upstairs varnishing an icon and looking at several books with examples of faces, in order to improve the way I had painted the face on several previously.

Moving forward in time, Kirill and Archbishop Lazar completed the Meleti and then Kirill and I took a break and sat out on the little balcony that Vladika Lazar had built some years ago, outside my building. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and the sweeping valley floor which leads past Chilliwack. There was an excellent breeze and the balcony was shaded so there was no worry about sunburn or heat stroke. Added to this pleasant break was the arrival of Mishha (Podolsky) who was returning from Abbotsford and stopped by to say hello. We had a wonderful visit, caught up on news of mutual interest and then it was time for him to leave so we made our farewells and Mishha drove away.

At this time, we received a call from Archbishop Lazar requesting that Kirill and I perform several tasks in the library, which are a part of the ongoing clean up process which had been started by Vladika but which had proved to be too much in his condition. The tasks for today were the hanging up of an icon and a large sketch which had been made for an icon of St John the Baptizer. As well, there is a series of theological writings of various Orthodox Fathers, which Archbishop Lazar wants to keep together in order to improve access, and these are to be placed together in a bookcase which we began clearing of non-theological materials.

With the conclusion of all this, it was time for Kirill to leave but, we had tea and a bit more conversation before his departure with our little friend, Mimi. This was the ending of a good and productive day so we bade farewell and “Christ is Risen!”

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