Daily Diary, 11 May, 2020

There were a few visitors at the monastery today. A group of people came and did more work on the landscaping and others worked cleaning the kitchen. I spent most of the day indoors because the heat is proving to be extremely uncomfortable (at least for me). It was possible to varnish two more icons and work a bit more on the sewing machine; I am anxious to improve my knowledge of the workings of the machine.

For the first time this season, I saw several hummingbirds as well as a blue bird, several other kinds which I don’t know the names of and tonnes of frogs. The frogs were noticeable yesterday but today was the first time that I heard them in such abundance.

In the evening I was in the big church, refilling the big lampada and trimming the wick at the “Joy of Canada” icon and then went to the kitchen for a glass of Inka. While there, I noticed a car in the parking lot so went to check and see who it might be. It turned out to be George, the good friend of Sorin and Georgeta, who has done a lot of work here at the monastery. I had wanted to give an icon to him the other day but everyone left before I had affixed the backing to the icon soooo, I ran out to give it to him today, and to bid him the proper season greeting of “Christ is Risen!”

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