Daily Diary, 9 May, 2020

This day has proved to be what is often crudely termed, “a scorcher”. After all the cold and wet weather, it was rather a shock to have this weather to deal with. Thankfully, inside the buildings at the monastery, it is still relatively cool so bearable.

I wasn’t going to go outside with the heat but Archbishop Lazar called and asked if I might walk to the monument and photograph the lilac plants which had been added to the monastery landscape, in honour of his mother and another for his stepfather. There were actually three of these but I only photographed the two that looked best and, one of them looked quite good with full branches and tonnes of blossoms. The other two are rather scraggly but will improve over time. There was also perfect lighting for the photographing of a branch of the Kashtan (horse chestnuts in English) which are also in the field. These have beautiful blossoms that look very much like exotic orchids and when in full bloom, have an amazing scent, so I have been told.

There were a number of visitors today. Some of them were mowing the far field and another set were sitting in a group, chatting and having a picnic. The third group was busy with deep cleaning the carpets in the hall, the little church and the big church. Before they left, we had a brief lunch and short chat which was a welcome surprise. This time, instead of just writing it, we were able to greet one another with the traditional greeting of the paschal season, “Christ is Risen!”

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