This has been one of the most relaxing days that I can recall, with not a single telephone call, nor a single visitor.  With most of the previous pain gone, I could not have asked for anything better, but we shall see how long that will last.  In fact, I could barely believe that it could have been so quiet, yet there shall be no complaints coming from me.  We shall see what holds tomorrow.  We noticed a large group of people at the entrance to the monastery, so we went there to investigate, whereupon we recognized one of them, a young lady from  the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife who has been here many times in the past.  She had brought a large class of students from our local University of the Fraser Valley who are studying ecology to show them the work that has been done with our stream.  Even though the water level is low at this time of the year, she spared no words in explaining to the students the positive result of several years of diligent work with our cooperation.  Needless to say, this was a most complimentary gesture on her part.  Soon, they set out in a gigantic privately operated bus and we were left to ourselves.

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