I am pleased that we have been able to host the weekly meetings of Narcotics Anonymous and tonight was exceptional.  Although I was not at the meeting, Vladika Lazar was, as is his usual custom, and I believe the turnout was larger than ever before. Tonight some women from the Womens’ Shelter joined this group for a spaghetti dinner.  We did not have to prepare anything, as they brought all the food, including desserts.  As well, they clean up after each meeting, making sure that all is clean and that no mess is left behind.  Now that the Dormition Fast is over, we must be careful, as it is so easy to fall into an unrestricted diet where calories are neglected and the waistline grows gradually and without fail.  Instead of the usual sweets that people bring to treat us, I really prefer what Monica brought us—fresh vegetables and kohlrabi that was so sweet that it almost tasted like an apple instead of the commercial ones that are bitter.

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