It was quite late when I went to bed last night and, before I could fall asleep, the chirping of the crickets was music to my ears.  The bedroom window was open and the melodious sound of these insects brushed away all cares and any problems that had arisen during the day.  How grateful I was for nature’s orchestra. In addition, there was the occasional croak of a distant bullfrog. As it was fairly cool today, I decided to bring the electric scooter back from the main building and leave it in the workshop where it is out of the way and safe.  I began cautiously, for the driveway is steep, but once I was on the road, I continued on my way with full confidence until I approached the barn when Five and Nine, Andy’s dogs, came running out, having heard the unfamiliar sound of the scooter and, once seeing me, they hoped for a dog biscuit or two.  Once they understood that I had no treat, they scampered off  as I make a turn in the direction of the cottage.  

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