For some unknown reason, I had forgotten that it was Thursday so that when I went into the kitchen I found food that had been prepared by our Thursday kitchen volunteers.  Many thank, ladies.  I must also thank Kirill for quickly accomplishing a number of tasks, such as taking out the garbage, locating the iron that had been borrowed, and finding a long cord for my earphones, as previously I had to sit at an angle because the cord was so short.  I must also thank Olga from Latvia who sends us a copy of each forthcoming year’s Orthodox Church’s Julian  Calendar which helps us in preparing our own calendar, without which we would be totally lost.  I know that it is still midsummer, but it takes a long time to prepare the calendar and it must be proof read a number of times before it can be printed, and no matter how many times it is checked, some little typographical error creeps in. 

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