We had some gentle rain at night and early morning so that the entire day was pleasantly cool, making it comfortable in church.  Mother Evstratia was driven to the airport by Daniel this morning, but there will be a long trip ahead before she reaches home in Romania.  I was surprised to see Liudmila and Vladimir Ignatiuk in church and to find out that they have permanently moved to Canada from Vladivostok, so we should be seeing them often.  There was a good response to Natalia’s request for help this week and I expect that people will be coming to work on various jobs.  After the Meleti [spiritual talk] a lively discussion arose about the manner in which supplies should be taken care of for the meals especially, and I was happy with the decisions that were made.  Somehow the entire afternoon was productive with people not just making suggestions, but actually beginning to act upon them, which is the type of spirit needed in a community like ours. 

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