Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Once again I struggled with the wild morning glory vines, this time trying to free the rhododendrons from this invasive weed.  It is difficult to imagine how quickly it spreads and, as I mentioned before, several vines can wrap themselves around one stem of a flower or bush and practically pull it to the ground.  About the only way to destroy it is to dig up the roots which is almost impossible and, as a result, we have this constant struggle .  At the request of Anthony Ludmilin we served a memorial service for his father Alexey Anatolievich Ludmilin who died in Russia.  On Google you can read about his distinguished career as a conductor, well known in Russia and abroad.  This interesting family has been involved with music for generations.  In the evening Reader Dmitry brought us food to keep us well fed, not that I want anyone to think that we are almost starving, but it is touching to have people lovingly prepare food for us.

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