Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Constant Contact bulletin was sent out today, informing those who are on its list about the services on 6 June [Ascension], 15 June [Memorial Saturday with a memorial service after Vespers], 16 June [Pentecost] and, finally, 23 June [Healing Service at 4 pm].  Please keep these dates in mind.  I had written about the postmistress wanting to give away three kittens, and a reader from Romania suggested that getting an adult cat would be a better idea, as it would already be trained. A dog would be better.  At one time we had three dogs—Lupa, one quarter coyote, Zazu, a black Alsatian shepherd dog, and Chubs,  an Alaskan husky, all of them given to us.  We loved them dearly but visitors often were afraid to get out of their car upon seeing this trio of large dogs.  We lost them, one by one, to old age, and have never replaced them.  To be honest, I was afraid of Zazu at first, this black almost ferocious looking dog, but I overcame my fear and, in the end, she was my favourite and I was truly grieved when she died.

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