Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The gloomy day that it was today could have been depressing but, really, it was quite the opposite.  It seems to me that one should attempt to see the brighter side of things and, in this case, one could see beauty in the morning mist, the silvery low hanging clouds, the alternating snow and rain, mostly the latter, and especially the lack of any strong wind.  I hope that this can give you an inkling of what this day was like, for me at least, but perhaps not for everyone else.  Melitina Blandau of Toronto had donated her favourite icon, that of the Kazan Theotokos,  that she had embroidered in gold and silver threads several years ago.  It truly is beautiful and Father Moses likes to show visitors this particular icon and the painstaking work involved in making it.  The other day she sent us a portfolio of newspaper items, photographs and awards she has received over the years for her dedicated work.  I would like to  prepare a small display of this material before too long.  I made a slight error today in announcing that Vladika Lazar had walked one fifth of a mile on the treadmill  during his therapy, only to be corrected by him that it was one fifteenth of a mile, to which I replied, “One fifth or one fifteenth, what does it really matter?  The point is that progress is being made!”  

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