Wednesday, February 20, 2019

With one exception, we were strengthened by today’s beautiful weather, that is, a bright sun, yet enough clouds to occasionally cover some of the lower mountains which made us once again realize how the original inhabitants of this area, whom we call First Nations, regarded all clouds with great awe.  Irina and Alexander came for a brief visit after which we served a moleben for the health and well being of the family. When I returned to my cottage, that exception occurred. As I switched on the light, nothing happened.  Oh no, not another power failure! Yes, indeed, one that lasted only a little more than a couple of hours, but how annoying it can be. Eventually we found out that the cause of this power failure was a swan that either flew into or landed on the power line. Perhaps this unfortunate creature was suffering from poor eyesight.  Meanwhile, Andy started the generator and we at least had enough light with which to read. Then I felt a slight vibration in one of the pockets, and it was my cell      phone that had been witched to vibration during the moleben.  It was a call from Svetlana in Volgograd who was surprised to hear that we were sitting in near darkness, waiting for the power to return.  She sent her love and greetings to everyone who knew her and she so much desires that she can return to Canada soon.

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