Sunday, February 17, 2019

What a gorgeous day!  The bright sun welcomed us and, even though it was somewhat cool, the snow began to melt and it felt like spring, although officially, spring is not yet here.  Vladika Lazar and Deacon Markel served the Divine Liturgy during which one year old Taisia continued to progress in her newly acquired skill in walking.  Moreover, she has already mastered making the sign of the Cross.  Many commented on the sermon that was given by Reader Ireney which was simple yet profound and gave us much to think about.  Father Moses, who had been ill, felt better today and came early to serve the Proskomedia [the service in preparation for the Liturgy].  Father Shio was back from Calgary where he had come down with a terrible cold and he served the Georgian Liturgy, although it must have been difficult for him.  Let us hope that these ailments, the colds and flu, will soon be over, but it is not easy to avoid them once winter arrives.

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