Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I had to drive to Abbotsford this afternoon and, as Vladika Lazar was occupied, he suggested that I take Father Moses along, which I did.  It is interesting to hear his commentaries, as we drive along, on various buildings, such as the one that looks like a wooden apple box [as they used to make them decades ago] but he finds that it has much potential.  Or, the modern building he had to photograph quickly as we drove along.  My usual comments range from, “Hmm” to “Yes, I suppose so.”  And, while in town, I decided to go to the tea shop in the big mall to buy some loose leaf tea. What a disappointment!  The shop had dozens of jars of tea, but most of them were filled with flavoured tea, such as mango tea, blueberry-banana tea, to something that smelled like horseradish tea! “Where are your ordinary and traditional teas,” I asked, “such as Assam, Ceylon or even Lapsang Souchong [the favourite tea of Sherlock Holmes]?  These are all Yuppie teas.”  The saleswoman agreed and apologized for not carrying the kind of tea that I prefer. Since we were already at the mall, I decided that we should walk about and see what it looked like, my not having been there for several years.  By the time I was ready to return to the vehicle, I could scarcely walk and, if they had internal taxi service, I would have taken it.  I was in a euphoric state upon returning home where I hurried to relax in the reclining chaire.  This unproductive trip tired me out and how good it felt to be back home again.

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