Tuesday, January 15, 2019

 We had another power outage and, as annoying as it was, it did not last too long.  Andy was told that a garbage dump trunk overturned  not far from us when an oncoming car had made a wrong turn and was speeding forward.  The truck had upset and was lying turned over in the ditch, and the power had to be suspended until the truck could be pulled out, as it was also leaning against a power pole.  On the other side of Mission the highway is being widened and, what is most irritating, is having dozens of huge truck whizzing by all day, carrying rock from the various quarries to build up the side of the highway.  Andy filled in the potholes on our road so that we can drive along peacefully, without our innards being shaken loose.  No doubt the next heavy rain will reverse the situation to its former state.  Joanna felt sorry for us and brought a pan of Greek spanakopita which was very kind of her.

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