Thursday, January, 17, 2019

 I was hurrying this morning to meet with people who were on their way for confessions and others needs, so I casually asked Vladika Lazar what he would like for breakfast.  Knowing that there was little time left, we agreed on a pancake which is easy to make in a hurry.  All went well until the batter was emptied into the frying pan.  Actually, at first, nothing was unusual, until I noticed that the pancake was not rising and it was then that I realized that no baking powder had been added.  It was too late to make any alterations, so Vladika was presented with something that looked like a piece of pale leather, and one that had to be chewed diligently before being swallowed.  It must not have had any negative effects, as he is meeting, at this very moment,  with those who have come for the regular meeting of Narcotics Anonymous which, I believe, is being held with everyone seated as closely as possible to the wood burning stove in the hall.  We received a striking photo sent to us by Stavroula of Virginia, of her son Nikitas hunting in Mongolia.  Oh to be young again and able to enjoy life without the burdens of aches and pains. 

One thought to “Thursday, January, 17, 2019”

  1. Vladika, I’ve done that myself, back in my college days. We were frying chicken, and just put flour and spices on the
    chicken pieces. Went into the frying pan, and came out so hard you had to pound them with a hammer to make them
    edible! Lesson learned.

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