Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The day seemed to be uneventful until Vladika Lazar glanced at the calendar and suddenly realized that he had a doctor’s appointment and we had only thirty minutes to get ready and to drive into town.  But, we made it, with even a couple of minutes to spare [and no speeding on the road]. The tree cutter came with all his equipment to cut down more of a gigantic tree that is threatening to cause possible damage in a wind storm.  Since he has to do it limb by limb, it will take him some time to finish it.   We had a phone call from Thailand, from Lija who is vacationing there with Gidrus, informing us that it was hot and humid there. I am certain that the time spent there is enjoyable, even though the aggressive monkeys stole her bananas.  Andy’s dogs chased a cougar across our field this morning.  It is possible that it comes  for quality dining on our neighbour’s chickens.  She lets them run free range and, having begun with a good sized flock, she now has just about five left.  I might have mentioned a couple of months ago that once, while driving up to the monastery, we encountered one of her chickens being chased by a coyote.  It ran under the Jeep and the coyote then ran off in the opposite direction.  Well, I suppose that we managed to save at least one of her chickens.

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