Thursday, January 03, 2019

The tree cutter continues his work, even in the heavy rain. The snow and heavy winds did not develop, for which we are grateful.  I was pleased to see that Vladika Lazar is progressing in his therapy, lifting 70 pound weights, whereas he could only do 40 pounds earlier.  As well he is walking more with just one cane and, again, has taken some cautious steps completely unaided. He also spent time at the weekly meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, tonight being a special anniversary for one of the men who just completed 26 years of abstinence.  We are happy that they can meet here at the monastery in their joint effort to overcome their addictions.  On a lighter note, we bought a few Honey Crisp apples as we had never had them before [at least not to my knowledge].  They are huge, almost the size of softballs, crunchy, so that when you bite into one, the juice explodes in your mouth.  In addition, they are delicious, nutritious and so useful in lenten periods.  I highly recommend them, even if they are more expensive than others. 

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