Once again Andy was feeding branches into the wood chipper which made a lot of noise, although it was a welcome sound, since there is a little mountain of these branches gathered from the previous storms, waiting to be turned into mulch.  Some sympathetic Roman Catholics came for Vespers and they seem to have appreciated the service, at least that is what I felt.  They did not remain for the light supper that we always have after Vespers, but others did.  Actually, I had earlier fried onions, celery and mushrooms together with baked potatoes that Father Moses had baked  a couple of days ago. The result was good and completely monastic.  People often tell us that everything tastes better at the monastery and that could be true, mainly because the food here is plain, simple and much like old fashioned peasant food.  Father Shio has been away in Edmonton for a few days where he served a Divine Liturgy for the Georgians living in northern Alberta.

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