I dropped Vladika Lazar off at the Emergency Room at the Mission Hospital, not that there was any emergency, but that was where he had to go for another antibiotic procedure.  Meanwhile, I drove up and down, around and around, looking for a place to park. Finally I found a spot behind the hospital and decided to wait for him there.  As chance would have it, he was sent to another wing which had the back door where I was parked.  It was chilly but once in a while I turned on the ignition and got a blast of heat. There will be at least another session before an assessment is made.  When we returned to the monastery, he had to make several calls regarding the ordering of books we have on Create Space.  A slight problem had arisen, yet it took several calls and periods of up to half an hour of waiting before the problem was resolved, all of which took close to five hours.  We have only December 2019 and January 2020 left for making corrections and then the calendar should be ready for printing.  Each year we tell ourselves that it is too much of an ordeal to produce another calendar, yet we persist, because we have made it to fit our needs. 
[Photo below: Archbishop Irenee is presented with an album of their works by our friends in Moscow, Ekaterina and Mikhael. The Archbishop was at the OCA representational church in Moscow.]

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