A steady drizzle of rain the entire day did not keep the people away, although Vladika Lazar was absent because of his injured foot.  It was touching to have two babies, Roman who was baptized last week and Sergey, baptized yesterday, held by their parents at the front of the church as people came up for a blessing, not just from me holding the blessing cross, but from these infants as well, so newly baptized and innocent.  After the Agape meal, some people went to visit Vladika Lazar where they had an informal spiritual talk.  Some of them volunteered to take him to the hospital for today’s antibiotic treatment.  This was the first Sunday when the wood burning stove was used to give off a special warmth that cannot be duplicated by either gas or electricity.  I rather think that this is going to the order for the Sundays in the future.
[Photo below: as winter deepens, we are looking forward to summer with fond memories]

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