Some of you have wondered what happened to Tuesday’s entry and I shall explain. The day began as usual, with another trip to the hospital for another antibiotic procedure, then back to the monastery to finish the calendar and to tidy up several other minor matters.  All went well until about six o’clock when we suddenly lost our power. Yes, once again! Andy came to our rescue by bringing the generator so that we at least had light and could use the microwave oven.  Meanwhile there were extension cords strewn about to deal with the situation.  I forgot to mention that the power was lost as I was resting in the reclining chair and I could not get it upright again, so I lay there until Andy got another extension cord to attach to the chair and thus to free me.  He witnessed, on his way here, many police cars, ambulances and fire trucks not far from us where there had been an accident and where he could see many people with flashlights searching through the blueberry field.  At any rate, power was returned at one o’clock at night and what a feeling of relief was felt. 

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