We were prepared for snow and other forms of bad weather but nothing materialized.  Andy started a fire in the stove in the hall, also the old church was warmed up for the baptism that was to take place.  Soon, the guests arrived and we baptized little Sergey who was joyful throughout the ceremony although he was taken by surprise when he was immersed in the water.  The care lady who came to help Vladika Lazar in the morning advised him to go to the hospital to have his injured toe examined, so I drove him there.  Usually it is depressing to be in the Emergency Ward, as there are people seated everywhere, waiting for their turn to be examined. This time, there was almost no one and Vladika was accepted immediately.  Xrays and blood tests showed only that an infection had taken place and he was treated appropriately with antibiotics, as he will for the next few days.  By the time we returned to the monastery, Father Moses had already finished serving Vespers and the people had also eaten supper.  Still, there was enough for us and then we lingered at the table, sipping tea and carrying on a lively conversation.

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