We have been warned that there might be some snow overnight and, worse still, freezing rain tomorrow.  What else can we expect, after all, it is winter.  It has taken almost a year to cut up the trees and branches that were knocked down by the last freezing rain storm we had and only this week was Andy able to clean up that mess behind the cottage.  I was delighted to receive news that our friends in Moscow were able to visit with Archbishop Irenee at Saint Catherine’s Church which is the representation church of the O.C.A. in Moscow.  He had gone there for the celebration of the feast of Saint Catherine.  I hope that we can put up a photo of Ekaterina lighting a candle in front of the icon of Saint Catherine for the well being of our monastery here in British Columbia.  Although I mentioned it before, some of you might have missed it, so I am once again giving the web address of Mikhail and Ekaterina to enable you to see the kind of aerial photography they have done. [] Let us hope that they can come to Canada one day to do more of their pursuit.

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