Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Vladika Lazar and I drove to the Abbotsford Hospital where he had an appointment for a check up.  I dropped him off at the main entrance, then proceeded to find a parking spot, but nothing could be found nearby, so I drove around for a while and finally decided to stop at one of the most distant spots in the gigantic parking lot.  It would have been too far for me to walk to pay for the parking, so I sat quietly in the Jeep, hoping that no one would notice me and, fortunately, no one did.  As soon as Vladika was free, he telephoned me and I hurriedly drove to the main entrance to pick him up. I do think that of all the illnesses and problems people endure at the hospital, parking one’s vehicle probably comes somewhere between a sprained ankle and  the treatment of an ingrown toenail.  Later, while in Mission, we suddenly saw five police cars rushing in our direction [no, it had nothing to do with my having parked for a while at the hospital without paying], then more police cars with officers rushing out with assault guns. Being very curious by nature, I must find out tomorrow what it was all about. Usually we can rely on Andy to relate all the latest news, but he had not yet heard anything.

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