Thursday, February 21, 2019

Greetings to all you nice people in Leduc, Alberta, who can now follow this diary and learn what we are up to each day, some days being absolutely quiet, while others are churning with activity.  I drove Vladika Lazar for his regular therapy in the afternoon and was amazed to find out that he walked a quarter of a mile on the treadmill.  What progress that was after the last therapy session.  On the way back to the monastery my cell phone rang and, as I was at the wheel and could not answer, Vladika Lazar took the call from someone who asked if they could have their baby baptized tomorrow, the reason being that the relatives will have to leave suddenly and they wished to be present at the baptism.  It took only a few minutes for Father Moses to organize everything for the baptism.  Father Shio, the Georgian priest, flew to Toronto for an event that will include their Bishop Sabba from Pennsylvania. Andy started a fire in the fireplace in the hall for those who will be coming for the weekly Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  In fact, Vladika Lazar is there at this moment with the participants of this programme. 

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