Tuesday, April 16, 2019

How refreshing it is to have a good night’s sleep and, therefore, I was full of energy for the rest of the day.  Although it is a bother to make, I wanted to have our annual spring soup, and therefore I asked Father Moses to  pick a bag of stinging nettles and another of young dandelion leaves.  I am amazed that the nettles have no effect on him, while the rest of us suffer even from the slightest contact with them.  Not that I want to boast, but this soup, a real wholesome tonic, so full of vitamins and minerals, is absolutely delicious and Father Moses can confirm that.  However, it might be my last attempt at this spring ritual as I found it to be somewhat exhausting.  It was distressing to hear about the disastrous fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and, although it can be rebuilt to its former beauty, it should make us realize that what we have here on earth is only temporary and that it is our faith that is eternal and we should be constantly vigilant about preserving our faith.

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