Here we are at the end of July and ready to endure the heat of August.  A while ago, while perspiring while sitting at the computer, I recalled how chilly it used to get in winter when I would have to put on an extra sweater.  It was almost amusing to see the Romanian nun, Mother Evstafia, chopping wood again today.  As if that were not enough, she went into the workshop and found the grinder to sharpen the axes.  I honestly cannot think of a single woman who would or could do that, but she took that in her stride, obviously knowing how to do hard work in her own monastery.  What made it fascinating was that the twenty year old young men could scarcely keep up with her.  I cannot tell how many cords of wood they chopped, but I would never have believed that so much could be done in one day.  Meanwhile we had a lovely baptism of Angela who originally came from Vladivostok, then Malta, then California before finally settling in Vancouver.

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