Now we should experience the beginning of the hottest month of the year when many days are referred to as dog days.  It seems that this expression has to do with ancient astronomy, but in my youth I thought it had to do with it being so hot that dogs could do little else but to lie in the shade of a tree.  While filling out a baptismal certificate with a fountain pen, I got black ink all over the fingers of my right hand and so I scrubbed  them with various cleansers and only a scouring pad finally worked. This also reminded me of how, in my youth, we often had trouble with leaking fountain pens that discoloured our shirt pockets and, in flying,  we were required to put them into special slim cases because, I think, the change in air pressure could cause the pens to leak.  I must end this diary entry now because the blanket I left on the balcony to air must be brought in since were are to have a few showers overnight and it is getting dark outside, moreover, I do not want to bump into a bear in the dark.   

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