We did not see the red or, as it was also called, blue moon, for it was dark and cloudy early in the morning, yet many say that they felt its influence.  When I asked them if it was a positive or negative influence, they all chose the latter.  But, let us be positive, for tomorrow is another day, and a new month, and may it be much better!  At last our telephone problems have been partially resolved.  The old number 604-826-9336 is now a cell phone that will be with Father Moses as soon as he can manage it.  If he is anything like me, it will take some time.  A woman called today and said that she had been trying for almost a month to get hold of us and could not.  In the future we might get a different number for the land line.  Gone are the days when we communicated by letter or telegram, and were content with that form of communication.

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