Is it possible that one twelfth of this year has already gone by?  Obviously it has and the rest will pass just as quickly.  Now that my computer is located here in my cottage, I can use it whenever it is necessary without having to walk in the dark to the main building and sometimes almost freezing in the study room where the computer has been all these years.  Last night, for example, I had a cup of dandelion  root tea while typing the dairy entry, a most pleasant idea.  For much of the day we could hearing a grinding sound coming from the yard of our neighbours who are some distance away.  We found out that the broken limbs of their fruit trees that line the driveway were being ground, or chipped, thus creating splendid mulch.  Perhaps we could do the same.  Last Sunday some women asked if the ashes from the stove in the hall could be saved to be used in gardening this spring and summer.

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