As I am composing this entry I can hear thunder but I see no lightning as the shades are drawn.  There is something both majestic and frightening about such thunder storms, but this one cannot compare with those in the Prairies where they can leave one awestricken.  After taking Father Moses to see his doctor, we went to the supermarket where I was able to walk without using any cane.  Actually this felt like a great triumph, considering how painful it had been only three months ago.  Perhaps someone can take me canoeing in our stream later this year, as I have never in all these years done that.  In fact, I am anxious to begin cycling again, although it might not be the wisest thing to do at my age; a fall can be disastrous.

One thought to “WEDNESDAY 26 JUNE 2019”

  1. Called to wish Vladyka Lazar a blessed day this morning (even though I think the Serbs have a bit of a different Name Day custom. I’d look forward to cycling together ; but I think that might not be prudent in January, eh? Perhaps we could do a little snow boarding?

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