Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I felt sorry for Vladika Lazar this afternoon when he went to the clinic for an appointment with his doctor.  There usually is a wait, but today he sat for an hour and then was told that it might take another hour before he could see the doctor, so Vladika had to leave, first making another appointment.  This can happen when a doctor is called away to the hospital for an emergency.  People came for prayers for travel and also to help in the garden, so a quick supper was made with some slightly over baked pizza [my fault] and two pies, one of which was so astounding [banana cream pie] that one of the visitors could scarcely avoid a second piece, or was it a third one? Anyhow, it was a jovial time spent at the table.  A packet arrived from Svetlana Vasilievna who lives in Volgograd, actually in a suburb of this city, after taking more than a month to reach us.  It was most kind of her to remember us and we do miss her, with the hope that she will be able to come here to Canada on a permanent basis.

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