Today’s entry should be called “The Mystery Of The Missing Pizza Cutters” and I shall explain what this is all about.  We are not great pizza eaters but occasionally we pop one in the oven and in no time at all, it is ready to be enjoyed.  Over the years we have had many such cutters and each one has disappeared.  For a couple of years I did not bother to buy a new one, instead using a heavy knife to cut the pizza, but about a month ago, while walking down an aisle in the super store, I noticed a display of such cutters and I bought one.  We actually did get to use it once, but today it was gone.  We searched high and low and it was nowhere to be found.  We have not had missing tea pots, or frying pans, or rolling pins, only pizza cutters.  Can anyone explain this mystery or must we call upon the goodness of Hercules Poirot’s heart to resolves this minor but baffling mystery? I did try Poirot’s method of using my little grey cells, but to no avail.

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