Each one of us has been complaining about arthritic pains, so there must be a change of weather in the near future.  I used to think that it was all nonsense, but now that I do have arthritis in various joints, I tend to agree that weather changes somehow bring on the pains.  Father Moses and I went into town to get something in particular at one store, but after finding no place to park nearby and having to walk some great distance, we discovered that they are closed on Mondays.  What a pity that was, for we could not have conceived why they would be closed on Mondays.  Could they possibly be some form of First or Second Day Adventists who worship on Mondays? Dima has found a few typos in the Healing Service manuscript that we want to print and Vladika Lazar should be able to make the corrections and have it ready for this Sunday’s Healing Service which will be held at four o’clock in the afternoon. So that there will be enough food for supper after this service, I bought two bags of vareniki that can be easily and quickly prepared. It is strange that whenever we expect a large number of people to attend a service, I immediately worry about having enough food to feed everyone.

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