Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It finally happened!  First, the power returned and we had light and warmth, that is, since yesterday.  Gloom hung over our heads as we were threatened with days of existence without water. Thanks to Andy, the water supply was restored and we could do such simple things as washing our hands and faces, something that we taken for granted.  Although she knew nothing about our situation, Daniela did assuage our distress by bringing us an orange polenta cake made mainly with ground almonds and some cornmeal, to be eaten with an orange syrup. We had it with strong black coffee, and the world became wonderful once again.  The only thing missing was a giant dollop of whipped cream. For a while, I felt that I must have been in a nineteenth century Viennese coffee house!  Earlier in the day, Father Moses accompanied me to Abbotsford where I was given another injection to counteract my woeful physical problem, but the specialist, an eternal optimist, said that all will be fine.   

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