Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We were so certain that the Jeep would be ready to be picked up today, but there was some difficulty with the diagnostic where all the lights would come on at once.  At any rate, Chris, our good friend is supervisor of repairs and I know that he will do a good job.  The Jeep should be ready tomorrow.  We were sad to receive a message from Joe Stam informing us that his wife, Marina had died a few months ago. Some of you are sure to remember them. This was the first time that we heard of it, as no one told us anything either by email or by phone.  Actually, we had baptized Joe and his 84 year old father, and served the funeral for Marina’s mother, so it was a shock to hear of what had happened.  Please pray for the repose of Marina’s soul. Also, please pray for brother and sister Alexey and Elena, both of whom are going through an exceedingly difficult period and would appreciate everyone’s prayers.

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