Monday, April 8, 2019

Perhaps yesterday was a day too full of afternoon activities, conversations and other stimulating events, because I found it difficult to fall asleep.  Somewhere around three o’clock in the morning I finally fell asleep, only to hear the alarm clock ringing at six.  We hurried to take Ksenia to catch the last train to Vancouver, then I went to the hospital for a blood test which was simple enough.  The problem we had was with the Jeep that kept stalling every few minutes.  It was to be taken in for a check up tomorrow morning, but how could we return to the monastery if it was misbehaving?  Davey came to our rescue by getting a three day permit for his 1956 Chevrolet van which enabled us so return to the monastery.  I suppose that it could be called a car collector’s delight.  I must make an appeal to all the people who visit the monastery, particularly on Sundays.  Please be careful with the garbage! Someone left a bag on the verandah and the raccoons got into it and spread everything all over.  Poor Father Moses, crippled with arthritis that he is, had to clean up the mess.  As well, garbage had not been taken out of the bins in the hall and the kitchen.  Remember that it is all of you who are making this garbage, not us the monks living here.  There is no reason for us to clean up the mess that you have made. I apologize for sounding so harsh but it seems that too many people come to church, stay for the Agape meal, then simply leave for home, not having helped in the least with clearing the tables, washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, etc. Please, please, take on some responsibility for the proper care of the church, hall, kitchen, etc.  And, while I am on this subject, let me add that people must always remember to close the doors.  We often wonder why people who would never leave the doors of their homes open, suddenly do so here at the monastery.  There are times when we do not notice it until the following day, yet there are raccoons, bats, mice and rats in the woods, all anxious to get into the main building.  Please make it an effort to close the doors!  Thank you.

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