This is the very last day of 2019 and, instead of feeling sorry for the loss of this year, it was remarkable to see a huge shrub entirely covered in yellow, no doubt a Forsythia which ordinarily blossoms out later in the winter.  There was a time when week after week we kept losing our flowering shrubs, the perennials and the colourful annuals but now, while still in the old year, we can begin to enjoy the beauty of next year’s flowering shrubs.  I know we are not in the lap of  a paradise, but when comparing this part of the country with the rest, ignore my complaints if I begin to grumble about the snow and cold  in the next two or three months.  I shall soon have to prepare for tonight’s  sleep, while Father Moses will go to the new church to serve a Moleben of thanksgiving with prayers of gratitude for all that has transpired in 2019 and prayers for our well being in 2020.   I noticed that several midnight events in Vancouver have been cancelled due to the heavy rain and strong wind, so perhaps no one will drive this  far to the monastery in the middle of the night in such weather.  In any case, a Happy New [civil] Year to all of you who read the Daily Diary and may 2020 be a year of well being, health and success in all things.        

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