The second to the last day of the year has come to us and we are still acting as if there are countless days ahead of us before we enter 2020.  We should  send out a Constant Contact to remind everyone that tomorrow night, at midnight, we will have a thanksgiving moleben which Father Moses will serve.  I think that I will not  be able to attend in body, as by that time I should probably be fast asleep.   It is something that many people have been looking forward to each year and it would be a shame to disappoint them.  The late afternoon care giver got lost today, so she had to phone their headquarters to get clearer directions which, in my own opinion, are very simple, although it must be confusing for those who come here for the first time.  Many of the memorial crosses have been decorated with flowers, mainly with live ones, and they stand out sharply against the background of green and brownish grass.  It will be months before we will have to mow the grass once again but time passes by so quickly that we shall have to have the lawnmower  examined for another summer of constant mowing.

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