I tagged along with Vladika Lazar when he went to get a prescription refilled as it gave me a chance to get out into the fresh air which was not only fresh but  raining as well.  Such brief outings give me the opportunity to get revitalized and ready for the next adventure.  Irina made us some vareniki with shrimp that were absolutely delicious, a dish that no one had tried making before and which will be remembered during the next lenten period. It was amusing to watch some of our parishioners involved in an italic penmanship course being offered in Spain.  I really should have begun this first entry for the year 2020 with good wishes to all and success in all things.  Needless to say we try to support each other in all of our good endeavours, and upon that positive note let us embrace each other with cries of a prosperous and happy new year.     

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