Vladika Lazar had an appointment at the Abbotsford Hospital for an examination and, thinking that it would be a lengthy procedure, and perhaps that he might not be able to drive back, I went along with him.  I let him off at the main entrance and easily found a parking stall, which is seldom easy to find. I entered the hospital and, instead of paying for one hour, I bought a ticket for two hours to be on the safe side.  In addition, I purchased a newspaper so that I could read it and even work on the crossword puzzle while waiting for him to reappear.  I noticed that the chairs and sofas in the atrium were new and  I chose a comfortable seat out of the sun’s direct light and opened the newspaper, when suddenly Vladika reappeared.  Ordinarily, I would have been a little upset for having paid for two hours, but for some strange reason, several coins popped out of the machine as I was paying. I gave it no thought until later when realized that I should have at least returned them to the hospital piggy bank or whatever they have for donations—maybe next time.  Returning to Mission, Vladika went for his physical therapy while I sat in the car, reading the newspaper and eventually having a short nap.

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