Thursday, September 17, 2020

>>Today has proved to be another interesting day with less smoke fogging the air and it being much easier to catch a breath when walking.>>The 40 day prayers continue for Elena Abramova as well as the daily Moleben service. Following this, I went to Archbishop Lazar’s “pusteen” in order to pick a bag of both apples and ripe, red tomatoes which I left on his kitchen counter, not wanting to disturb him while he was working on the computer.>>After this, it was possible to take a walk to the little wall that is being constructed and get a few new photos of it, as well as the little pavilion which the Georgians are constructing. As well, I got a clear photo of the fig tree on the side of the house and another of a large pile of branches that have been stacked and are in the process of drying. I also took a picture of the besedka under the wisteria. It is a very pleasant place to sit for a cup tea and conversation.>>Andy was driving the tractor and hauling various piles of sand and soil to sites on the monastery grounds. He had company with his faithful companions, 9 and 5 who are busy keeping a canine eye on all monastery events.

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