Thursday, May, 16 2019

Our beloved Svetlana Vasilievna, who lives in Volgograd, telephoned a few minutes ago to ask everyone to pray for her.  On Monday she will take the train to Moscow where she we have a medical examination on Tuesday morning in the lengthy process of being granted permission to move to Canada to join her family.  Please remember her in your prayers.  Even though she knows almost no English, she will stand through an entire Liturgy in English and get more out of it than many who speak only English.  I went to the kitchen to thank the ladies for their faithful visits every Thursday morning to prepare food for us.  Today they made borshch and blini stuffed with sweetened cottage cheese, both of which were absolutely delicious.  Vladika Lazar said that those who attended the Narcotics Anonymous meeting tonight raved about the kulich [Paschal loaf] that was served with flavoured cream cheese.  There are still a couple of kuliches left in the refrigerator, tucked away at the back of the lowest shelf where I had not noticed them before.  According to custom, kuliches may be baked again and again until Ascension or perhaps Pentecost, I cannot remember which one.

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