Thursday, May 09, 2019

While Thomas, our guest from Iowa, had gone to Vancouver to attend a meeting, our faithful women arrived to prepare their weekly food contribution.  I never seem to see them in the kitchen, so I at least used the phone to express our gratitude.  Andy found the time to transplant a large fig tree that had been growing in a giant sized pot to a spot between the cottage and the memorial crosses.  If I live long enough, I shall be able to sit in the reclining chair and watch as this tree grows and gives abundant harvests of figs. In general, bears do not seem to care for figs and even the birds leave them alone.  The only problem arises is when a fig becomes overripe and wasps attack it for its sweet juiciness.  “Doctor” Moses once again showed his ability to deal with birds, this time with a robin that had fallen to the ground, completely exhausted.  He nursed it back to health then watched as it bravely flew away.

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