Thursday, March 28, 2019

Vladika Lazar insisted that I should get some outdoor exercise, not just the exercises I do indoors while holding on to a rail.  As a result, he drove me into town where he filled up with gas, then set me free to walk wherever I desired.  That was a fulfilling exercise but, once home, I felt exhausted so, much of the day was spent either sleeping or lying in the reclining chair with my feet up.  Our faithful kitchen helpers were here to prepare some dishes for us.  I have only had some of the borshch and it is delicious.  The Narcotics Anonymous group met tonight, apparently a large number of people having shown up which is always encouraging.  

One thought to “Thursday, March 28, 2019”

  1. Good evening, Vladyka!
    Tried to reach you a few minutes ago. I think maybe you were asleep or reclining in the recuperative position! Wonderful that all seems to be progressing nicely in your recovery – the hip, that is, not N.A. (LOL). God willing I should see you sometime on the 25th and hoping the rodents are banished. I don’t know which I would find more difficult to endure – cold weather or rodents! Neither are permitted here in Florida. I enjoy reading about lenten meals the faithful bring. aside from the ever handy PB&J and the Malt-0-Meal, I can occasionally come up with something new that is palatable. I still have the breakfast shake made with strawberries, a banana, coconut milk and agave nectar. Quite satisfying and nutritious – not heavy.

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