Friday, March 29, 2019

Last night was difficult for, in the first place, I had difficulty getting into bed so I spent most of the night on the reclining chair, and secondly, late in the morning I suddenly heard a crash and a cry and I new immediately that Vladika Lazar was in trouble.  I found him lying on the floor in his bedroom where struggled for half an hour to get up.  I was of little help but he persevered and there was no damage done to him.  If he fell five inches in the opposite direction his scull would surely have cracked.  His knee had given out.  Later he took me for a drive in the countryside which is always peaceful and enjoyable.  Many have told me that they know of others who had a hip replacement and, in a couple of weeks, they were dancing and  running about.  I can testify that it will not be the case with me. What is most necessary is patience, together with exercise and rest.

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